The Great British Pantomime Awards are a yearly awarding body celebrating the Pantomime Industry. Our judges are selected from a range of backgrounds for their knowledge and passion for pantomime, these include but are not exclusive of  industry professionals; both current and retired, theatre academics, media and communication professionals and members of the public who have been selected for their enthusiasm and understanding of Pantomime. Prior to each season a large selection of judges are interviewed and selected by the GBPA who ensure that they are able to articulate their thoughts about a production and the theatrical elements and conventions which may make it worthy of an award.


All judges are then expected to attend a conference prior to the commencement of the yearly pantomime season where they understand the permitters in which benchmarks are set and therefore nominees chosen. A strong focus is given to the the following; 

  • An understanding of the importance of originality combined with an emphasis on the importance of tradition in Pantomime.

  • An understanding that a pantomime for one audience may not be accountable or understood by someone outside its given demographic and the importance to be subjective of this.

  • Developing the understanding which aesthetics and other sensory elements, both technical and non technical play in developing a pantomime for stage.

  • The importance of interaction and communication with the audience and the role this plays within pantomime.


During the judging process, judges watch and mark a show based on a wide ranging criteria covering all elements of the pantomime, for which they write a detailed commentary. This commentary, combine with the scoring, over a number of judges are then used to assist in shortlisting productions. A post season conference then takes place with all judges in order to have a well rounded a deep debate and informed discussion to obtain the final nominees for each category. This process is blind chaired by a member of the board of the Great British Pantomime Awards, who will not enter into discussion with the judges with his/her own opinion in relation to any particular production or production element. These are then fed into a further blind chaired smaller panel made up of board members and any judge who has seen a larger number of performances to decide on the winners for each category.


We intend to see every production which runs for more than 20 days and in a theatre with a capacity over 450, or the equivalent based on venue size and length of run. All shows must have a professional cast and crew within the aforementioned parameters to be considered by the GBPA.

© 2020 The Great British Pantomime Awards


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