How are the Nominations / Winners Decided ?

We have a team of Judges who have been recruited for their vast knowledge and passion for Pantomime. After attending a show, each judge will fill in an extensive marking sheet, during which they will detail any aspect of the show that they feel deserves recognition.

After our Judges have visited all the shows, there is a Judges Conference, where the judges get together to discuss the season, and decide on who is to be nominated and subsequently who is to win.

How do I nominate my favourite performer / show?

Nominations are decided by the team of Judges. The only way to have an input in this decision is to become a Judge. Applications open in May 2019 for the 2020 Awards.
As with the nominations, only the GBPA Judging panel decide who ultimately wins each category. If you want to have an impact, then you will need to apply to be a judge.

How do I become a Judge?

Are you passionate about Panto, have you worked in the business? If so, you could be exactly what we are looking for. Applications for next season’s judges will open in May. The link to apply will be advertised on www.pantomimeawards.co.uk as well as on our Facebook Page, Twitter Feed and on Instagram. @GBPantoAwards After completing the online application form, applicants will be invited to attend an interview with the Senior Team. Interviews will be held at various locations which will be confirmed in May 2019.

Why hasn’t my favourite been nominated ?

In total, our judges will have scored in excess of 750 pantomimes this season. Taking in 200 different shows. There are only 5 spaces in each category for Nominations. Therefore there will be plenty of fantastic people who will miss out. Unfortunately we will not be able to enter into individual enquiries about specific shows/nominations. As with ANY awards, the winners are always a subjective choice.

How do I know if you saw my local show / the show I was in?

Here at the GBPA, we endeavour to visit EVERY Pantomime that fulfils the following criteria.

  1. Runs for a minimum of 20 nights.
  2. Plays to a static venue of more than 449 seats
  3. Has a fully paid Cast, Crew and Creative.

Therefore if your show fits those criteria, we will have been to see it. We will also strive to see shows in other smaller venues, or shows with shorter runs.

Unfortunately these Awards are for Professional shows only.

If you don’t believe we saw your show this year, and want to be involved next year, and you fit the above criteria, please email us at info@pantomimeawards.co.uk

I can’t believe XXX got a nomination ahead of YYY ?

As already stated, any Awards show is subjective. The best way to ensure you have your say next year is to apply to be a judge when the applications re-open in May.

Will those nominated be coming to the Awards Night on the 28th April 2019?

We sincerely hope so!!

There will obviously be some of the nominations who are unable to attend due to prior work commitments, but we expect the vast majority of nominees to join us on the evening of the 28th April 2019 at the New Wimbledon Theatre for the event.

Will you be announcing which Nominees are going to be attending the Awards ?

We will only be announcing confirmed Acts who will be performing on the night. As is the nature of the business, attendance can change at any point due to other filming commitments.

I’ve been nominated, how do I get my ticket to the Awards?

All Individual Nominees will receive 2 tickets to the Awards Show and 2 passes to the After Show Party. If we have your details, we will contact you directly to invite you. If not, we will approach your Agent, or Producer. Should you be nominated, and want to give us your contact details, please email us at daniel@pantomimeawards.co.ukto help speed things up. Ensemble & Pantomime of the Year Nominations will receive a group allocation of tickets & passes.

I haven’t been nominated, can I still come to the Awards?

Absolutely, we welcome as many people from the world of Pantomime to join us for this Celebration. Tickets can be purchased on the following link :- www.gbpa.co.uk/book Tickets start at just £25 each.

Do you have any Sponsorship Opertunities?

Yes, we do have a number of conveniently priced sponsorship packages available, please click here for more info.

Can you give me any more information about the Awards Show itself?

Of Course, the Awards Ceremony will be hosted by the Pantomime Legend himself Christopher Biggins.

As well as presenting the Awards, we will also be joined by a number of Acts who will be performing at different times during the evening.

Already confirmed, are Rebecca Lake and Liam Mellor. There will be a number of other Stars announcing over the next few weeks, as well as some special surprise performances on the night!

I’ve never been to the New Wimbledon Theatre, is it hard to find?

Not at all, it’s a 5 minute walk from the Tube and Train Station, and there is a Car Park next door to the theatre.

Do you need any helpers on the night?
Thank you for your kind offer, but we have a full team of staff working on the night, and there are no vacancies at this time.

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